About Us


The development of industries in Indonesia results in the more foreign investors coming to invest their capital in Indonesia.
This one of reasons how PT Cipta which was founded in Bandung. PT. Cipta, previously named CV. Utama Jayana, ran its core business in the food industry and futher more expanded the company by founding subsidiaries such as:

1. PT. Cipta Aneka Pangan Prima. It was founded on 25 April 2009 and is located at Cimahi.
2. PT. Cipta Hasil Makmur Pangan. It was founded on 26 December 2012 and is located at Padalarang.
3. PT. Cipta Eka Prima Trading. It was founded on 24 December 2014 and is located at Bandung.


PT. Cipta which runs its business in a food industry, especially chocolate products and pastes, is now developing themselves to be able qualified for export and fulfill the local market as well.


1. Producing chocolate products and pastes which are qualified for international market yet in afforable price.
2. Penetrating international market while maintaining their eminence locally.
3. Expanding the food industry and products which can be accepted by local and international customers
4. Providing job opportunities for the local people


Full in dedication, discipline and hygiene.


Office and factories are in industrial area in Cimahi, the suburban of Bandung, and the city center in Bandung.


To find out the company’s target, we have done not only a survey specifically given to the market but also a market research which have done a great impact on the company.

Some of which are:

1. Finding out the goals the company has to reach which covers how potential a product is for the market.
2. Collecting data and information from valid sources which will influence on the company’s strategy in dealing with competitors.

From the research, the company will find out who our target market is. The company will also figure out their segment which is needed prior to entering the market.
In addition to that, knowing the segments of our market is crucial in figuring out how to penetrate it.