Opera Cake

By adminjuga 24 May 2018

Ingredient A:
15 btr egg yolks
5 whole egg btr
200 gr sugar caster
15 gr inova super soft
125 gr wheat flour
20 gr of cornstarch
250 gr almond powder
50 gr ofill 168wb

Ingredient B:
90 gr butter
90 gr margarine
1 tbsp rhum (optional)
1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk

Ingredient C:
500 ml water, hot
40 gr choc ofill special grade
20 grams of ground coffee
100 gr sugar
3 tbsp rhum (optional)

How to make:
Ingredient B:
Melt butter and margarine, pour sweetened condensed milk stir well. Set aside.
The C Ingredient is mixed together, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Set aside.
Ingredient A:
Beat sugar, eggs and super soft inova until thick and fluffy. Mix the flour and cornstarch, spread over the egg dough and sprinkle the powdered almonds, stir well. Insert Ingredient B back flat. Pour in 3 pans size 30x30x3cm, oven until cooked, set aside.

Remove the cake from the baking sheet, stacking on the pastry board. Damp cake with C ingredients, top with chocolate ganache, flatten. Stack with the next layer, wet with C Ingredient, smear again with chocolate ganache. Pile again one cake on top of it, wet it with C Ingredient, then smear again with chocolate ganache, slippery, insert briefly into refrigerator until set. Cut the edge of the cake with a hot knife (soaked briefly in hot water, wipe clean, use immediately). Decorate according to taste.

Chocolate Ganache

600 gr chokely premium, cut into small pieces
300 gr whipping cream
125 gr butter

How to make:

Dark chokely premium team with butter to melt, leave to warm nails.
Whisk cream whipped cream until stiff, enter melted chocolate, shake until blended.