Sacher Torte

By adminjuga 24 May 2018

Ingredients A:
160 gr of butter / margarine
160 g of caster sugar
8 btr egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla
160 gr chokely premium, melt
150 g medium protein flour

Ingredients B:
8 btr egg whites
150 gr sugar caster

Ingredients C:
250 gr jam croner all variants

Chocolate Ganache:
350 ml whipping cream, whisk until stiff
350 gr chokely shaved, chopped

How to cook:

Material A:
Beat the butter until soft, enter the caster sugar gradually while still shaking until fluffy and pale. Enter the egg yolk shake until blended, enter the chocolate (chokely premium), mix well.

Material B:
Beat the egg whites until it rises, put the caster sauce little by little while still beaten until the sugar runs out and the egg white is stiff.
Add the flour to the butter dough alternately with the whipped egg whites, mix well.
Pour into 2 round pans, diameter 22cm, height 4 cm. Oven until done.

Chocolate Ganache:
Heat whipping cream, lift, put dark cooking chocolate (chokely shrink), stir until melted all, chill.

Place one sheet of cake on a cake pad the same size as the cake diameter, smear with jam all variant croner.
Put again on it one last cake sheet. Trim the corners, cool in the refrigerator.
Place the cake on top of the wire placed over the basin or a pan, flush with chocolate ganache. Write “Sacher” on it. Put it in freezer.